2-1 Goalkeeper Coaching

We offer 2-1 specialist coaching sessions, through goalkeepers working in pairs to lower the price and higher the service.  This provides goalkeepers with specific training as individuals and tailor personalised development plans for each individual.

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We recognised that no individual is the same, and with each individual being different as a person and as a player, and therefore we feel the importance to deliver in accordance to that. To ensure this, we offer 2-1 coaching sessions with goalkeepers in order to provide specific training to the individuals and tailor personalised development plans to those goalkeepers.

These types of sessions are more suited to motivated and committed individual looking for regular contact and development time to improve their own individual game. However, 2-1 sessions are open to all as they can positively impact on player's game.

What we offer?

Contract Agreement

● Personalised Development plan
● Tri-monthly written reviews
● Weekly 60-minute Coaching session
● End of season report

● 39 Week Agreement
● Standing order over 12 months 
● Anytime Contract termination (with 4 weeks notice)
● FREE Pre-activation band and finger/wrist protection tape

PAYG Sessions

● 60-minute Coaching session
● Simple invoiced payment
● No commitment
● One-off sessions



£89.00 per/month

Invoiced monthly


£27.00 per/session