Beginners Sessions

Small group sessions for 4-7 year olds to learn, experience and develop the FUNdamental skills of goalkeeping. 


To welcome children to their first experience of goalkeeping. Our beginners group sessions bring all goalkeepers; new or current goalkeepers the opportunity of coaching to learn the basic skills of going in between the posts that many clubs do not and cannot offer to their goalkeepers on a weekly basis.

Our aim is to provide children with the confidence, understanding and ability to perform the skills they are expected to make when they put into a team and a game. 

What we offer

We offer our training  through weekly coaching sessions using our own goalkeeping curriculum which can then be taken back and used at their clubs and in game situations. 

- Term time only sessions
- Weekly coaching sessions
- Single term or PAYG Payment

The goalkeepers looking to train in our beginners centres don't have to be the next Jordan Pickford, they could just love diving around and showing off for the cameras. We cater and want to invite you all to join us, let us educate you and spread the word that there is more to football than just Ronaldo and Messi.


Our beginner sessions can be fun and educational at the same time as we look to combine the two and provide the developmental results for all to see. We deliver a wide range of goalkeeping areas in our curriculum, these include;

- Throwing (Distribution)
- Kicking (Distribution)
- Catching (Shot stopping)
- Diving (Diving Saves)
- Decision making, confidence & fun (Psychological)