This Summer we are back bigger and better than last year to host our 2nd Annual Goalie Wars and ready to showcase goalkeepers of all ages and abilities to join us for what should be a fantastic football event, and all just for goalkeepers. 


This year we have planned a an exciting summer with our annual Goalie Wars in the middle of it. The ultimate game for any goalkeeper; utilising their shot stopping and distribution, and a chance to showcase themselves and compete to be crowned Goalie Wars Champion. 

We are providing an action packed day of Goalkeeping games in the format of the renowned 'Goalie Wars' for goalkeepers to compete and showcase their distribution and shot stopping skills to find out who will be crowned the King of Goalie Warz and pick up the trophy.  

Let the Games Begin.


What is Goalie Wars?

Goalie Wars is the ultimate game for a goalkeeper; the opportunity to makes saves and score goals against an opponent for the chance to win. The game is usually played 1v1 with the objective of the game is for each goalkeeper to try & score against the opponent by using their hands or their feet with throws or kicks. Rules & structure can vary slightly.

Player Qualification?

Age groups are based on the age group players will be playing in the 2024-25 season.
The competition is open to boys AND girls. Players do not have to play for a club or be signed for a club to enter, although standard of competition will likely be high. The competition is open to both grassroots and academy players, with ability levels being considered when grouping goalkeepers for the tournament.

What's involved?

Once registered, all goalkeepers will receive a free warm-up delivered by our qualified and experienced goalkeeping coaches before the start of the games. Goalkeepers will then compete in their games throughout the tournament to be crowned 2024 Champion. All goalkeepers will receive a goalie wars certificate and medal for participation which is a new addition this year, with the winners and runner-ups receiving additional accolades (see below).

There will be no charge for car parking at the facility, however as with all tournaments there is a fee for parking or entry, we will be charging an entry fee of £1.00 for all spectators or £3.00 for entry and a programme which will be providing all information regarding rules and information for the event. 

What is the format?

All games will be refereed. All goalkeepers will play a minimum of 6-8 games consisting of 8 minute in duration, with those progressing further into the knock-out stages achieving additional playing time with successful progression.

Players will compete in the group stages - goalkeepers will be grouped in a league to provide a competitive group stage. All goalkeepers will go through, moving into the knock out stages of the tournament all the way to the final. 

What are the timings on the day?

Registration: From 8:15am | From 12:45pm
Warm-up - 8:30am | 1:00pm
First Group stage Kick-off: 9:00am | 1:30pm
Knock-Out Stages: 11:00am | 3:30pm
Final: 12:00pm | 4:30pm
Presentation: 12:15pm | 4:45pm

What else is there happening on the day?

We will have many side attractions on the day which will keep parents, siblings and players during their rest time busy if they want to stay active with the following stalls and activities;

- Refreshments; hot & cold drinks and snacks
- Goalkeeping Glove Shop
- Free-Kick Competition
- Crossbar Challenge
- Speed Gun challenge

What does the goalkeeper receive for winning?

This years winner will be awarded with the Winner's Trophy which is a much improved award from last year, a FREE pair of Goalkeeping Gloves which can be picked after the award ceremony and 50% off a single session in any of our programmes.

The runner-up will receive a runners-up Trophy which is a new addition this year along with their participation Medal and 50% off a single session in our any of our programmes.

What happens if a goalkeeper gets injured?

In the instance that a goalkeeper should be hurt or injured during the event, our qualified first aid team will deal with any nature of injury or provide medical advice. Our first aid team will be on hand throughout the day, either observing games or situated in the medical tent ready to treat anyone requiring first aid. 

What happens if a goalkeeper doesn't turn up?

There is limited action we can take if and when a goalkeeper doesn't turn up. However with the number of spaces available there will still be enough games for goalkeepers to play. Should this significantly affect proceedings, goalkeepers will either get a 'bye', groups may be adjusted or groups combined.  


U7 & U8 Age Group
U11 & U12 Age Group


U9 & U10 Age Group
U13 & U14 Age Group



See what last year's attendees thought about our very first tournament for goalkeepers!

Goalie wars was an absolute blast for both parents and players. The concept was new to me, but watching the keepers smashing the ball into the top bins then pulling off fantastic saves was so much fun. It was also an incredible workout as the games are so intense and they got so much playing time.

There are very few opportunities for young keepers to showcase their skills. This tournament was a very good occasion for our child to have a point of comparison while having fun at the same time. Organisation was very good despite the poor weather. Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks for helping with the encouragement towards a young lad who lacked skills and strength. As we all know he wanted to leave after the first round but by the last he found his confidence and it was such a lovely game to watch.

A great opportunity for a goalkeeper to showcase his / her skills. Most tournaments focus on football teams but it was great to see something just for GKs. A great event, and in a location that worked well with facilities.

We were really happy to see a local tournament just for goalkeepers. The tournament was clear on rules and our son had a fantastic time.