Online Content

We are pleased to announce the start of our Online Coaching Provision. Below you can find the pricing and the options available to book. Once you have chosen your provision and you have completed your purchase, a member of the coaching team will be in contact to send over your chosen content or schedule your session at a time appropriate to you.

The content of our sessions provide you with the choice of focuses, including technical, psychological or strength and conditioning fitness based content.  The online provision options are either a pre-recorded video to follow on a specific topic, a personalised session plan or you can book one of our coaches and have a live Zoom coaching session.


Written Session Plan



Personalised sessions plans, structured to last up to an hour in duration on a topic of choice.

Recorded Session

From £12


Pre-recorded sessions, with choice of durations including:
- 30 minute Session 
- 60 minute Session

Live Zoom Session

From £15


Live 1-1 coaching session with your own personal coach, durations include:
- 30 Minute Session
- 45 Minute Session
- 60 Minute Session