Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a personal approach to excel to excellence; getting to know each individual we invest in; who they are, how they learn and how to get the best from them. Our approach boosts their confidence and develops their team work skills, opening up their communication and supporting them in their quest to become the best possible individual.

Our Team

Great-Save have a devotion to developing not only their players, but also their staff. We are always looking for improvement in our team and therefore we are always looking for the best coaches to continue to build our company for the future.

Our ethos demands UNIQUE individuals with a hard working, committed and devoted mentality, not only for the art of goalkeeping but also to education, of our clients and themselves.  

At Great-Save, our coaching team put in as much time and effort into our planning, preparation and evaluations (including assessments/reports) as we deliver, to ensure the highest standard sessions and coaching for the individuals we work with.

Our Goalkeepers

Our vision for our goalkeepers which we base our philosophy on is; 

- to prepare all goalkeepers in the best way to play at all levels through; teaching them to be diverse; understand and produce various types of techniques, and being able to make their own decisions.

- to provide all goalkeepers with the 'kitbag' of tools to be able to play the best level of football within their capabilities utilising all styles of football.

As the loneliest position on the pitch, it is important for goalkeepers to understand making decisions and self-evaluation - we provide ample opportunity for this in our coaching.  

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum plays a huge part in our philosophy; what we coach and the way we coach is dictated by our aims and objective of our coaching philosophy. 


Prior to the start of session, our goalkeepers complete something we call pre-activation; this is a combination of warm-up and strength & conditioning, consisting of movement and ball work

Pre-Activation is a 20 minute period completed by the athlete, split up by 10 minutes of individual movements and 10 minutes of ball work delivered by the coach. Each area has physical strength and conditioning practices and technical practices. 

The content of PA is different for each age group and programme we deliver; ranging from number of repetitions to the activities. This is because the needs of the athletes and the groups are different and so we differentiate to ensure individual objectives are met.  

Once PA is completed the athlete is warm, stimulated and ready for the main content of the session.

What we coach?

The Technical areas we coach in conjunction with game situations and game realistic decisions include:

● Handling and Shot stopping
● Footwork
● Diving Saves
● 1 v 1's
● Dealing with crosses

● Distribution by hand
● Distribution by feet

● Communication

● Set Pieces

Session Structures

Our session structure consists of the following:

● Pre-Activation
● Technical
● Game Scenario
● Debrief

Our sessions link heavily back to our philosophy through our game scenario, ensuring all our practices are game realistic and prepare our goalkeepers to game situations and how to deal with them.

The way we coach?

Our coaching curriculum is split into 5 key areas of focus which allow us to deliver our philosophy for all the goalkeepers we work with, these are:

● Essential skills
● Age Appropriate
● In possession - Attack
●Out of possession - Defence