Welcome to our Parent's Page

A page dedicated to providing support to parents with information and up dates to documents, articles and current issues regarding their child.

Below we have provided various links and information to important and key pages and organisations in order for you to support your child through their passion and involvement in sport. When it comes to children, it is a 3-way support; us, them and you as their parent.

NSPCC Website

As a parent, if you have concerns, questions or issues regarding safeguarding, welfare or require general support check out the NSPCC website.


Safe4me Website

Check out the Safe4me website for parent resources to help educate children and young people on keeping safe.


Our Policies

View all of our policies below that we are governed by and protocol we have in place for all to follow.


Holiday Requests

For any of our goalkeepers in our 1:1 or our 2:1 programmes requesting holiday breaks, the holiday request form is available to download below.