Tournament Workshops

The Great-Save tournament workshops are a NEW and innovative way to provide goalkeepers with correct warm-ups and preparation ready for action at tournaments.

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We believe this is something that can be productive and useful to all teams and their goalkeepers when attending tournaments to gain an understanding of a warm-up and especially for those individuals not receiving weekly goalkeeping training. 

How many times have your team or other teams turned up either late or just maybe half asleep... Tournaments can be great training and development aids for learning and improving, why not utilise them? Through this service, we are providing an opportunity to ensure your keeper is sharp, ready and learning before the tournament.

How it works?
The service operates at the venue of the club's tournaments and is open to all goalkeepers, and even siblings & attendees of the tournament, to do some goalkeeping work. We operate in an area of the facility at the tournament and invite all keepers to join our warm-up sessions once they have arrived.

Our qualified and DBS checked coaches will then provide 15-30 minutes warm-ups for the goalkeepers before re-joining their teams for their first game. All goalkeepers are welcome to return throughout the duration of the tournament to participate in goalkeeping exercises, to keep warm, active and even to sharpen up their skills from their previous games.


Our service can be booked and paid for by the club or by individual goalkeepers attending the tournament & choose our attendance for full or half days. Pick your preference below:

Option 1 - Club 

£40.00 (half day) / £69.99 (full day)

Pre-Paid (upon confirmation)

Warm-up before tournament games begin Training session between games 
*Price covers all sessions for all goalkeepers*

Option 2 - Individual

£5.00 per/goalkeeper

PAYG (at event)

Warm-up before tournament games begin
Training session between games
*Price is per/session*